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To join us in this forum, you must agree with these rules:1. Spamming – There will be no tolerance whatsoever for spamming in this forum. It is big enough as it is, and lately lots of people think it is cool to be the top poster of the forum. Moderators will be on specific watch for anyone posting anything irrelevant or off topic messages in the forum. If someone chooses to spam and a super or section moderator are not around, use the report feature to the best of your abilities. Abuse of the feature will result in disciplinary measures against you.2. Off Topic Posts - If you post something which has no relevance to the thread's original purpose or question, your post will be deleted without prior warning. If someone posts something off topic, there is no need to flame them. Simply redirect them to the proper thread and/or forum.3. Duplicate Threads – Be sure to search the forum before posting new messages.4. Flaming – Types of flaming include, but are not limited to swearing, name calling, impoliteness, charged outbursts, and any behavior that can be interpreted as hostile to another member of the forum. If someone asks a question, there is no need to slam them if it is a question that is asked a lot. Politely answer them and remind them to check around next time.5. Memberating – Memberating is the act of of non moderators trying to take charge of a forum; whether it is by insisting on banning someone, or by requesting thread closures. People seem to love taking matters into their own hands in place of a moderator. Don't do it. Redirecting is OK, as long as it isn't with a request for a thread closure. Moderators do not like people requesting for closures. Redirecting someone is not considered memberating. Also, we are instituting a new ZERO TOLERANCE policy for ANY and all Thread criticism, such as, "This thread Sucks", "This thread will probably be closed!", "Why did you need to make a thread for this? This is why I hate n00bs!!!", or ANY other flaming, memberating or thread criticisms. If you really believe a thread is offensive, feel free to report the first post, for evaluation by me. ANY memberating like the above will be banned WITHOUT further warning. 6. Advertising – Advertising is not allowed here.[quote=Forum Wide Rules]7. Do not advertise other websites. Advertising through posts is strictly forbidden. This may only be done through your personal Profile or Signature. Advertising another website through PM to unsolicited Visitors who you are unknown to, in an attempt to raise traffic, is also not permitted. Members who link to *snip* or any other type of referral site will lose posting rights on their account permanently.[/quote]Posts advertising anything outside of here will be closed/deleted on site.8. Titling Threads – This is more of a proper etiquette lesson than a rule. Try not to have your thread titles be a sentence or two long. Make them short, indicating what the thread's main idea is.9. Circumvention of a Ban – If you are banned from this forum, in no way are you allowed to make another account with the intent to bypass the original ban. All of your known accounts will be permanently banned from all forums on the website. If you think you can get away with it, you are wrong. Administration knows who you are, and they will go to every extent to keep you out of the forums if you have been banned. If you continually insist on bypassing the bans, your internet service provider will be contacted and you could be left with no internet.10. Impersonation – Impersonating or creating new accounts in attempt to break the rules of this forum or any of the Forum Wide Rules is strictly not allowed. Again, moderators and administration know who you are; there is no way around it.11. Inappropriate & Pornographic Content – Just because Grand Theft Auto games are rated Mature does not mean children don't visit and participate in this forum. Anything deemed inappropriate will be deleted upon judgment of the moderator who handles the particular situation. Posting pornographic pictures related or unrelated to Grand Theft Auto is also not allowed. Linking to such content will also result in disciplinary actions.12. Chatting – Do not post irrelevant messages back and forth. If you want to speak with an individual member of the forum, please take advantage of the PM feature.13. Message Colors – Another which isn't exactly a rule, but is looked down upon. Please don't post in bright yellow or white making it hard to read your post. Post in a sensible color if you must; one that will be clear on the final post.14. Bumping Old Threads - Bumping an old thread without a relevant post will result in a ban of up to 3 days. For example, if you go to the back of the forum and find an unlocked thread and bump it with a post saying "LOL!" or "Bump!" or similar, this is an unwarrented bump and is considered resurrecting a dead thread for no reason. If you actually are bringing it back for a reason and have something to add and bring back discussion to the thread, then the bump is warranted and we will not have a problem with that.15. Co-moderation - Do not pm either moderators about modding this forum. We have many times in the past announced that we will pick one when the time comes. Breaking this rule will result in a 1-3 day ban.16. Spoiler Policy -This is how it works:If you are posting something that may be considered a spoiler (a pivotal plotline point) Post it like this:SPOILERThis way, someone can skip the post if they want to.END SPOILERNow, if your entire thread is a spoiler, please make use of the thread's title to warn people!Example:Thread Title:[SPOILER]What Should I Do After Carlo's Mission?We are very serious about this policy, and will be implementing bans for people that post disregarding it and spoiling the story for others. The first infraction is a three day ban, and every infraction after that is a seven day ban. If you are a continued repeat offender then we will handle you on a case by case basis.This is not difficult - and it is only done to try to make sure that everyone that visits this forum enjoys the game equally without some big mouth ruining it for them, before they can finish the game.If you are unclear on how to mark a spoiler, what constitues a spoiler, or anything else regarding this policy, please post it here, (or PM me) but try to not turn this into a chat, ok?Disciplinary ActionsMembers who break any of the above rules or any of the Forum Wide Rules will be dealt with on a case per case system. Obviously, repeat offenders will be handled more harshly. No one breaking any of the rules will be overlooked in any circumstance.Ending NoteIf you have any questions, feel free to contactGrateful Carl . He will do his best to help and make the forum a fun community. The rules and Forum Wide Rules may be updated without warning. It is your job to stay up-to-date with both rule sets.